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Latest News

Microsoft Office News and Our Windows/Office Compatibility Chart

We're excited about our newest tutorial, Microsoft Office Version and Windows Version Compatibility Chart. Our matrix covers Windows XP through Windows 8.1, and Office 2000 through Office 2013. And we'll keep it updated as new versions are released.

We wrote this tutorial because of the concern over the software subscription trend. Folks are evaluating whether or not to buy a download or DVD version of a Microsoft Office product NOW in case "renting" is the only option in the future. Knowing what versions of Office will run on which Windows versions is important.

Software Subscriptions?

Yes. Instead of buying software, several companies, including Microsoft, are offering their newest version for a monthly fee - or via subscription. Many include a generous amount of cloud storage for user files, and some allow the software to be installed on both a computer and tablet.

These plans may be attractive for families or folks that need "anywhere access," but less so for stay-at-home individuals who have no technological need to upgrade. And no one knows if regular price increases are in the plan. Keep reading to know which versions of Office can still be purchased.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's subscription offering of Office 2013. The products are installed on the end user's hardware, and cloud storage is available. Microsoft offers Office 365 Personal (1 computer and 1 tablet), Office 365 Home (up to 5 computers and 5 tablets), and Office 365 Business (multiple plans) - all which also include smartphone access. Microsoft says Office 365 will "help you get things done from virtually anywhere and any device." Pay monthly, or save money and buy an annual subscription.

The product set equals that of Office Professional: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Devices include PCs, Macs, iPads, and Windows tablets. The plans includes cloud storage (OneDrive, previously called SkyDrive), though users can store their files on their computer hard drive.

Microsoft Office 2013

As of late 2014, one can still purchase Office 2013, but via download only. And each purchase can only be installed on one computer. To download, one must first setup a Microsoft account. Online retailers sell the product (a card containing a product key) for less than retail, but read the reviews as some have had problems installing successfully. Also, install as soon as possible in case you need to return the product.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 product DVD purchase on Amazon

Office 2010 can also be downloaded. However, as of this date, DVD versions are still available but we suggest buying now before prices skyrocket or Microsoft ends production. Recently, a client bought Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 Family Pack, 3PC (Disc Version) from Amazon for a little over $200. That link today shows the same product, still fulfilled by Amazon, but with a slightly higher price.

Read the description carefully. It should clearly state that the product is on DVD or disc. Install the product promptly in case you need to return it.

Plan Installation Carefully

Soon we'll be helping a client install the Office 2010 suite mentioned above on a Windows 7 laptop with Office 2007 Professional already installed. They want to keep Publisher 2007 and Outlook 2007, but upgrade Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - the three products in the Office Home and Student suite. It can be done, but we're in the process of researching the proper steps to ensure the install doesn't delete the 2007 products. If you are in this situation, research first - especially if you don't have install discs for the 2007 version! The official Microsoft forums should be helpful.

What is the future of Office 2010? It's compatible with Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 8 (8.1), but it is not known at this time if Office 2010 will run under Windows 10 - Microsoft's next operating system which should be announced mid-2015. According to Microsoft Support Lifecycle website, extended support (security updates provided) for most Office 2010 offerings doesn't end until October 13, 2020, so one can only hope. We'll keep the Windows and Office Compatibility Chart updated, of course.

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