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The mission of Keynote Support is to provide the highest quality tutorials possible. We understand the importance of finding reliable and easy-to-understand information on the Internet because that is where we go to find answers. Unfortunately, many websites today do not provide quality.

We believe anyone can learn if concepts are clearly explained. Our tutorials provide lots of examples and clear up confusion whenever possible. We also ensure our student understands the big picture before delving into the details.

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Return visitors might notice a big change on our website once again! Yup, we've redesigned the site. Tutorials are divided by topic, and there is a separate tutorial menu page for each topic.

Each topical menu page can be reached from the navigation menu above. When reading a tutorial, all of the other related tutorials will display on the right sidebar.

We also have less ads and a cleaner interface in order to enhance your reading pleasure!

We not only "love to learn," but we love our customers also. Keynote Support doesn't accept any paid advertising . We display Google ads and have affiliate relationships with three companies we use and like (See Policies page) to help defray our costs.

As always, thanks for the nice feedback you send our way. No matter the topic, you must have a solid foundation upon which to build, and that foundation is what we provide for you here at Keynote Support. Cheers!

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